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A healthy and sufficient bone structure in the jaw is essential for successful dental implant placement. However, factors like tooth loss, gum disease, or trauma can lead to bone loss, compromising the ability to secure implants effectively. In such cases, bone grafting is a viable solution to restore bone health and prepare the jaw for implant surgery. Dr. Ash and his team are experienced in performing bone graft procedures, setting the stage for successful, lasting implant results.

What is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that rebuilds or enhances the volume of bone in the jaw. This procedure is often performed at the time of tooth extraction or before dental implant placement. Bone grafting involves the use of the patient’s own bone, donor bone, or synthetic materials to promote new bone growth and restore the structure and strength of the jaw.

How Bone Grafting Can Help

Bone grafting plays an essential role in dental restoration, particularly when preparing for dental implants. By adding to or enhancing the volume of bone in your jaw, a bone graft creates a stronger foundation for the implant, increasing the chance of a successful, long-lasting result. It is also particularly useful in preserving the structure of the tooth socket following an extraction, preventing the bone loss that can naturally occur after a tooth is removed.

Bone grafting serves multiple purposes in dental health:
  1. Preserving Tooth Socket: Following tooth extraction, bone grafting can help maintain the integrity and volume of the extraction socket, preserving the jaw’s shape and strength.

  2. Preparing for Dental Implants: Dental implants require a sufficient amount of healthy bone for successful placement. A bone graft can increase bone volume and density, creating a stronger foundation for future implants.

  3. Treating Bone Loss: Bone grafts can help restore bone volume lost due to gum disease, trauma, or prolonged tooth loss.

Our Process

Dr. Ash will first conduct a thorough evaluation of your oral health, including detailed imaging to assess your bone density and volume. If a bone graft is necessary, Dr. Ash will explain the procedure, including the type of graft material that will be used.

During the grafting procedure, Dr. Ash will ensure your comfort and safety. The graft material will be placed in the necessary areas to stimulate new bone growth. Following the procedure, the healing process may take several months, after which dental implants can be considered.

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