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At Waterloo Dental Clinic, we understand that dental procedures can often be a source of anxiety for many patients. In order to ensure your comfort and peace of mind, Dr. Ash offers moderate sedation as part of our dental services. This method of sedation allows you to relax while still being able to respond to verbal instructions and communicate with the dentist.

What is Moderate Sedation?

Moderate sedation, also known as conscious sedation, is a type of sedation dentistry that allows you to remain awake but in a deeply relaxed state during your dental procedure. This level of sedation is stronger than minimal sedation, but lighter than deep or general anesthesia. While under moderate sedation, you will feel significantly relaxed, might not remember much of the procedure, but can still respond to verbal cues and breathe on your own. The effects of moderate sedation can last for a few hours after the procedure, making it important to arrange for a ride home afterwards. This method of sedation is widely used and is a safe, effective way to manage dental anxiety or discomfort during dental procedures.

How Moderate Sedation Can Help

Moderate sedation is specifically designed to create a deeper state of relaxation compared to minimal sedation. Although you may feel drowsy and might not remember much of the procedure, you remain conscious and can respond to simple commands. It’s an ideal solution for those with moderate dental anxiety, longer or more complex procedures, or for those who find it hard to sit still for extended periods.

Addressing Specific Issues

If you have dental anxiety that affects your ability to maintain your oral health, or if sitting through a long procedure is daunting, moderate sedation could be an excellent solution. Dr. Ash will be able to discuss this option with you, evaluating your overall health, the specific dental work needed, and your comfort levels before proceeding with this form of sedation.

The Process

Administered either orally, moderate sedation begins to work within a short period of time. Dr. Ash and his skilled team will monitor you throughout the procedure to ensure your safety and comfort. It’s important to arrange for a ride home after the appointment, as the effects of moderate sedation may take a while to fully wear off. Your comfort and wellbeing are our priority at Waterloo Dental Clinic, and we take every measure to ensure your visit is as stress-free as possible.

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