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Laser Therapy Home Care Instructions

Treating periodontal disease with laser technology is the very best that modern dentistry has to offer. The dental laser has been shown to eliminate periodontal infection and stimulate repair of the damaged gum and bone. Treating periodontal infection in this way has been shown to lower your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, low birth weight babies, and possibly even Alzheimer’s. Even more, laser periodontal therapy has none of the drawbacks of the older therapies – it’s comfortable, doesn’t cause gum recession, and it doesn’t involve drugs or harsh chemicals.

The following instructions will help maximize the benefits of your therapy:

  1. Dental laser procedures result in little or no discomfort. We typically do not recommend any medications.
  2. Laser therapy promotes profound healing of the gum tissues. It is very important to avoid dislodging the sticky blood clot that forms around the treated area. The following guidelines will help ensure that you do not disrupt the healing process.
  3. The first 24 hours following treatment:
    • avoid acidic, rough or crunchy foods (chips, salsa, citris fruits, crusty bread, fried foods, vinegar based salad dressings, raw vegetables, popcorn, nuts, etc.)
    • suggested foods such as pasta, eggs, soup, fish, chicken, cooked vegetables, yogurt, etc.
  4. The first week after treatment:
    • clean the treated area using light, electronic or manual brushing. Brush by placing the toothbrush on the gums just below the tooth. If usinga manual brush, carefully roll the bristles toward the tooth surface. Do not place the bristles into the gums or below the gumline.
    • Floss the treated area with care to dislodge food debris. Slide the floss gently between the teeth and avoid pushing the floss under the gums.
  5. Resume your normal eating habits 24 hours after treatment.
  6. Resume your normal hygiene techniques of the treated area after one week